Muraudio invests significant time and effort to ensure that every PX2 attains the highest standards of sound reproduction and lasting beauty.  Each of the 50,000 holes in the Continuous Curve ESL aluminum panels are formed with a patented process developed exclusively to realize the PX2’s high output performance.

Only professional grade, tight-tolerance premium components are used in the crossover and electronic systems.  Each PX2 is tested and measured in Muraudio’s on-site anechoic chamber to ensure perfect performance and enduring quality.

The PX2’s meticulous design and finish is comparable to the finest luxury automobiles.  The woofer enclosure is cast from aircraft-grade aluminum for resonance-free performance, while the crown, base plinth and height adjustable feet are milled from solid aluminum billets.  Colour is applied with a precision eighteen-layer process and hand polished to a flawless gloss that highlights every curve.

The result is a masterpiece of engineering, design, and sonic realism superior to any loudspeaker you have ever seen - or heard.

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