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Electrostatic loudspeakers (ESL) use electrostatically charged micro-thin polymer film suspended between two perforated aluminum plates to reproduce midrange and high frequencies.  The lighter-than-air film responds with matchless speed and precision, delivering clarity, detail, and natural sound.

Muraudio has pushed ESL technology to new heights.  Muraudio's PX2 incorporates a 360-degree array of Continuous Curve ESL panels with 5,000 square cm of surface area which produces low distortion, high-output sound with perfect coherence and precise response. Hear every lyric and subtle nuance in your music at every volume level - from late night quiet to rock concert loud, the PX2 will bring the live performance right to you.

For solid bass foundation, Muraudio's PX2 uses three aluminum cone bass-drivers in a force-neutral tri-axial configuration.  Massive magnets, Santoprene surrounds, non-magnetic voice coils, and superior fiberglass coil formers guarantee accurate, dynamic, high impact bass performance down to the lowest octave at any volume level.

The PX2’s perfectly uniform 360 degree sound dispersion will ensure that everyone in your listening room will experience the same flawless recreation of the original performance.

The PX2 incorporates Muraudio’s newest Mylar Diaphragm Technology (MDT) for enhanced dynamics through improved distribution of acoustic energy across the continuous curve of the ESL panels. A mylar membrane barely 3.8 microns thick (0.0038 mm) has the same mass as a mere 5 mm layer of air.  That’s 250 times less than the moving mass of a conventional midrange speaker cone and tweeter dome array. Muraudio’s virtually weightless diaphragm moves with incredible speed and precision, delivering clear, detailed and natural sound.​

By comparison, conventional drivers apply voice coil force over a very small area, causing resonant distortion over the surface of the cone.  The high  inertia causes them to continue to move and create sound long ​after the sound input has stopped, creating distortion that masks acoustic detail

A uniform force controls the entire surface area of Muraudio’s ultra-light ESL film, resulting in lower distortion and ultimate sonic accuracy.

Each PX2 integrates three 25 cm aluminum low frequency drivers in a sealed cast aluminum enclosure.  These ultra-rigid, custom designed drivers reproduce frequencies below 450 Hz, and move so uniformally that modal resonances are inaudible.  Over 10 kg of magnet structure provides the necessary force for deep bass extension, achieving F(-3) = 30 Hz (anechoic), while a spatially symmetric magnetic field reduces harmonic distortion.

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