Muraudio Domain Omni PX1 Loudspeakers
- Doug Schneider


"What was also notable about the PX1s’ soundstage was how natural and nonfatiguing it was to listen to, without the head-in-a-vise presentation some speakers demand. Nor did I have any difficulty “seeing” aural images - from left to right and from front to back, image focus was as sharp as I hear from front-firing designs."


"The PX1’s highs were refreshingly clean and effortless, even at playback levels that often strain conventional dome tweeters. “Silent Night,” a hidden track on O, sung by Lisa Hannigan, floored me for the uncanny high-frequency clarity and holographic presentation of her voice. Sade Adu’s voice had a silky, open transparency that was completely captivating through the Muraudios."



"The Domain Omni PX1s cast the broadest, deepest soundstage ever in my room, all the while maintaining good center fill and sharp image focus. Add to these outstanding build quality and finishwork commensurate with the price, and a distinctive visual style, and you have a top-drawer transducer unlike any other on the planet today."

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