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Music is meant to be a shared art form, but conventional ESL and box-type speakers make accurately reproducing a live performance a solitary experience, reserved for a single listener centered between the speakers in the “Sweet Spot”.  "Box" dynamic speakers have a wider listening window but listeners located more than 30 degrees off axis lose high-frequency extension, overall detail and balanced stereo imaging.

Poor fidelity and imaging.

Less than perfect performance and poor imaging.

Ideal audio performance (the “Sweet Spot”).

Muraudio’s Continuous Curve ESLs ensure that every listener in the room, no matter where they sit or stand, will hear every last bit of recorded musical detail - reproduced with the kind of precision, micro-detail, and three-dimensional stereo imaging only an omni-directional electrostatic loudspeaker can deliver.


Traditional ESL speakers have extremely narrow vertical dispersion which is reduced the farther the listener is from the speaker. Full fidelity sound reproduction is limited as a result.

Muraudio's Continuous Curve ESL panels disperse sound 16 degrees in the vertical plane for full fidelity listening from any position.  The sound field gets larger the further you are from the speaker.

Muraudio's custom designed low frequency drivers radiate an omni-directional pattern identical to that produced by the ESL panels, producing a seamless integration across the full frequency range, from the deepest bass to the highest harmonic overtones.

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