The SP1s had broad horizontal dispersion (this is no head-in-a-vise speaker) - the outputs of its five drivers blend so well that they sound like a single driver of nearly full range. It can play at volume levels from extremely low to well beyond loud enough equally well. I liked the way a pair of SP1s painted vast soundstages with well-focused aural images in my room, without sounding exaggerated or artificial. And all of that, without being difficult to set up. That’s a long list of accomplishments... Muraudio’s latest isn’t just one of the best-sounding speakers at the price - I’d wager it can knock the socks off many speakers costing considerably more.

   - Doug Schneider


"The SP1s were very impressive, and made some of the most refined, convincing sounds of the show—and, indeed, in terms of spatial performance, there wasn't a bad seat in the house, and the hand-off between electrostatic and dynamic drivers was undetectable. Singing voices were silky-real, with natural-sounding timbres, good distinctions between head tones and chest tones, and sibilant sounds that were, for once in hi-fi, utterly perfect."

   - Art Dudley


Based on the award-winning Domain Omni series loudspeakers and patented high output continuous curve electrostatic technology, the Muraudio SP1 incorporates many of the same components of Muraudio’s flagship PX series loudspeakers in a smaller, lighter, contemporary design with luxurious finishing.

Each SP1 integrates Muraudio’s continuous curve ESL panel with four custom designed six-inch aluminum cone drivers to create a beautiful, immersive, panoramic sound stage.  With a full range 120 degree horizontal listening window, and projected point source imaging, the SP1 delivers Muraudio’s signature “Sound is Everywhere®” listening experience.


Electrostatic loudspeakers (ESL) use electrostatically charged micro-thin polymer film suspended between two perforated aluminum plates to reproduce midrange and high frequencies. The SP1 incorporates Muraudio’s Mylar Diaphragm Technology for enhanced dynamics through improved distribution of acoustic energy across the continuous curve of the ESL panel.  The lighter-than-air film responds with matchless speed and precision, delivering clarity, detail, and natural sound. A mylar membrane barely 3.8 microns thick (0.0038 mm) has the same mass as a mere 5 mm layer of air.  That’s 250 times less than the moving mass of a conventional midrange speaker cone and tweeter dome array. The SP1’s virtually weightless, ultra-light ESL film moves with incredible speed and precision, delivering clear, detailed and natural sound with ultimate sonic accuracy and distortion levels so low that total harmonic distortion (THD) levels are comparable to any high end amplifier.

Each SP1 integrates two pairs of custom long throw six-inch aluminum low frequency drivers, each pair  in an independently sealed cabinet combined with tuned inertial reactionary dampers for tight bass response.  These ultra-rigid, custom designed drivers reproduce frequencies below 750 Hz, and move so uniformally that modal resonances are inaudible.  Over 6 kg of magnet structure provides the necessary force for deep bass extension, achieving F(-3) = 45 Hz (anechoic) in a dual sealed cabinet design.

Only professional grade, tight-tolerance premium components are used in the crossover and electronic systems.  Air core inductors and Mundorf EVO oil capacitors ensure that critical high frequencies are accurately reproduced. The SP1’s high voltage transformer uses a precision wide bandwidth interleaved balanced design with ultra low leakage inductance, delivering clear highs without colouration, operating at low magnetic fields even at maximum power.

The SP1’s multi-layer curved wood cabinet is designed for enhanced stiffness, while the vertical balance is maintained by the use of symmetric drivers in a D’Appolito configuration, to ensure a stable voice position is maintained. The SP1 ESL panel and driver configuration produce a polar dispersion pattern similar to the ESL at the 750 Hz crossover, maintaining uniform tonality across wide horizontal positioning.


Passive Hybrid Electrostatic

ESL Transducer Configuration

120 Degree Continuous Curve

ESL Dispersion

120 Degree Horizontal x 16 Degree Vertical

ESL Membrane Area

1,650 cm2 (active area)

ESL Membrane Type

Ultra thin tensioned Mylar film (3.8 µm)

LF Enclosure

Sealed design, curved multi-layer plywood, integrated upper and lower inertial reactionary mass dampers

LF Alignment

Sealed (Qts 0.72)

LF Driver Area (Sd)

340 cm2 (effective area of all 4 drivers)

Frequency Response

45 Hz – 20 kHz (+/- 3 dB) Anechoic, 35 Hz – 22 kHz Typical Room with gentle 12 dB/octave roll off of sealed design (versus 24 dB/octave of typical vented designs)


147 cm x 42.3 cm x 36.8 cm


45 kg

Maximum SPL

103 dB at 2m on axis


750 Hz analog 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley


86 dB (2.83V/1m)


Dual 5-way gold plated binding post


8 Ohm (nominal) 2 Ohm minimum at 20 kHz

Input Power

125 Watts Nominal (RMS) 250 Watts Maximum (Program Peak) Recommended amplifier 50-125 Watts RMS into 8 ohms

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Each SP1 is hand finished using state of the art technology to create a luxurious look. Rich, real wood textures and bold colours are available.

Solid Colours
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$16,400 USD per pair in standard colours and wood finishes.  Custom finishes available on request.


Piano Black


Red Cherry

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