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The story of Muraudio is unique. Having spent many years in  numerous technology industries, the executive team at Muraudio set out to create and bring to market a new kind of state of the art.  A breakthrough in the way you experience sound - a loudspeaker like nothing ever conceived before.  Using an entirely different approach, not with conventional design or methods, Muraudio developed and has received numerous patents and awards for the world's first true point source, omni-directional electrostatic loudspeaker.

The team at Muraudio are committed to excellence.  With significant experience running global technology companies and technical capabilities in industries including nuclear, military and defense, bio-medical, and transportation, we know what it means to produce quality products.

Muraudio brings together a qualified, experienced executive team that brings to you an exciting new line of loudspeakers that will transform the way you enjoy music.

Rob Runolfson

President & CEO

Rob earned an Electrical Engineering degree from Carleton University in 1989 and has been involved in technology companies ever since. In 1996, Rob founded a flight safety company which experienced worldwide success with government, military and private sector clients in over thirty countries. Rob led his company through years of expansion in global markets, ultimately working with a team of close to forty professionals, before selling in 2007.

In 2009 Rob turned his attention to advisory and investment roles in a number of Ottawa area start-ups before launching Muraudio with Murray Harman in 2012.  Rob brings his strengths in technology product launches, business development, engineering and finance to the Muraudio team.

Rob has always enjoyed the arts and music, having played the sax in a variety of bands for well over twenty-five years.  Rob has been involved with micro-finance initiatives along with community building and mission projects in developing countries.  He enjoys boating, snowmobiling, and time at the family cottage.

Murray Harman

Founder & CTO

Murray holds two engineering degrees, a B-Eng Electrical (1987) and a B-Eng Mechanical (1990) and has worked extensively in product development - from idea to reality.   Since the early 1990’s Murray has specialized in photonics and related technology, receiving numerous patents for unique designs for direct coupled moving fibre switches and ultraprecise positioning stages.  Murray founded Luminos in 1996 and this company continues to offer leading edge technologies which are used in numerous applications worldwide.


Since a young age and throughout his career, Murray pursued his design interests related to electrostatic loudspeakers (ESL). Having always been captivated by the clarity of ESL but understanding the many limitations of typical flat and curvilinear designs, Murray set out to create a point source ESL capable of high power output.  Armed with a detailed knowledge of acoustics and significant engineering, manufacturing and materials expertise, Murray invested over a decade of research and development to create Muraudio’s patented Continuous Curve ESL.  This award-winning technology is used in every ESL that Muraudio produces, with curvature in both directions to create lifelike, point source imaging.


Murray's other love is his family, particularly his lovely and patient wife, Anne Marie who for many years jokingly referred to herself as a "speaker widow". He also has two amazing children (Jenna and Luke) who help him grow in every good way. His other recreational passions include kayaking and travel to new places.

Gordon Clark

VP Engineering

Gordon's dreams of being a rock star were dashed at the tender young age of 12 when the choir master kicked him out of the church choir.  Years of Mechano and Lego skills development and a fascination with taking things apart and getting them back together is why Gordon pursued a career in engineering. He has worked in technical and management roles, including boat building, marine engineering, automotive service, pulp and paper, high energy lightning strike testing, a long career in opto-mechanical product design, and systems integration in electrical, mechanical and software fields, all in quality centric based industries.


In his university days, working with electronics helped Gordon get a job setting up and repairing the equipment for a twenty member 40’s style swing band.  This helped pay for his Physics degree from Concordia University, and gave Gordon a life long appreciation for the depth and warmth of live music.  This has driven him over the years to find a home audio system that can deliver the enveloping sound that you experience at a live venue.  Gordon oversees manufacturing and engineering at Muraudio.  His comprehensive experience is why every pair of Muraudio loudspeakers are built to the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship.


Gordon has a passion for blasting down back country roads on his collection of street sport motorcycles, or one of the many classic cars that he has lovingly restored from rusted abandoned hulks to lovely rolling sculptures of automotive history.  Gordon is enjoying the challenges of raising his two boys along with his wife Jeannie who he has been married to for over 20 years.

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