December 2015, Issue 258
Muraudio Domain Omni PX1
Omni-Directional Electrostatic Loudspeaker
- Robert E. Greene & Paul Seydor

“I had not realized that music could be so beautiful.” Thus spake Bruno Walter after conducting in the Vienna Grosser Musikvereinsaal for the first time. His words came to mind listening to the Muraudio PX1 omnidirectional electrostatic speakers for the first time. I had perhaps not realized that music reproduced in the home could be quite like this : the purity, the smoothness, the roundness, the filling of the room, the effortlessness, the deep bass extension, the sense of speakers vanishing as sources, and the stability of the sound with respect to listener position, all combined to disarm my critical self and switch me over to the state of a listener hearing live music in a great concert hall, immersed in an ambient soundfield, albeit with the locations of instruments still clearly perceived. The experience is so different from ordinary stereo listening that it calls for some careful thought about what one wants from a stereo system. By intention, the PX1s present a unique experience—entrancing but different.

"The PX1s are not just a slightly different version of something else, not just another variation on themes already stated and varied by others."

How the PX1s Work

"One could move almost anywhere and the tonal character of the sound would remain effectively constant ... this is, of course, what happens at a concert."
"I can sit well out of the so-called sweet spot … and hear an essentially perfect soundstage that does not collapse into one or the other speaker or compromise the tonal balance. In this specific sense, the PX1 is a rare and absolute triumph."

The Sound in Tonal Terms

The Spatial Character of Things and the Impressions of Instruments

"The Chopin Nocturne Opus 9, No. 1 in B-flat minor played by Janne Mertanen [Gradient] sounded to me considerably more like a real piano than one usually hears from a stereo system. The tonal character was exceptionally convincing, and so was the size and presence of the instrument. A real concert piano in that room would stretch almost from wall to wall and the sound would have enormous depth and power. The PX1s were creating this impression to a surprising extent."
"Perhaps the paramount reason for the PX1’s success is its exceptionally smooth, extended, and uniform frequency response."

And the Differences: Who is Right?


"This is really a landmark in speakers, a huge step in a new direction that previously hardly figured in anyone else’s imagination, much less in reality."
"If, like me, you get a little tired of the way audio reviewers seem to discover fresh masterpieces each month, to say nothing of so-called breakthroughs and innovations that are in reality little else than reworkings of long-established technology, it may be difficult fully to appreciate a truly unique and unprecedented design such as this omnidirectional electrostatic."
"The PX1 belongs right up there with a small handful of the finest loudspeakers ever made, and it is superior to most of them and all in all inferior to none."

Paul Seydor Comments

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